About Us

Savvy strategies and negotiations capture value for you

The firm has decades of experience bridging public assets and projects with private sector interests. Projects encompass transit-adjacent and overbuild developments, adaptive reuse of municipal, civic and historic structures, and identifying public assets to potentially unlock for investment. We advise on revenue maximization through advertising programming, sponsorships, retail/concession licensing, parking, access, privatizations and wireless networking. Our knowledge of operations and ability to problem-solve public realm influences enables clients to ensure safety, wellness and resiliency while curating an exceptional customer experience.

Before founding TransitLife, CEO Randall Fleischer served New York's Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) for 33 years.

Mr. Fleischer was Program Executive/Sr. Vice President for MTA Capital Construction’s $11-billion East Side Access project, one of the largest transportation infrastructure projects in North America bringing Long Island Rail Road service via tunnel to Grand Central Terminal. He developed and led the Facility Operations & Passenger Experience program, overseeing project-wide operational readiness, passenger service initiatives, commercial programming, asset management and a multi-borough real estate portfolio including integration of Manhattan high-rise tower overbuilds/redevelopments above MTA properties.

Previously, Mr. Fleischer was Vice President for MTA Metro-North, responsible for Grand Central Terminal and Corporate Development. He provided the vision and operations leadership for iconic Grand Central Terminal and stewarded a nationally recognized program commemorating its centennial. He launched the railroad’s first Transit-Oriented Development program, creating a regional blueprint for sustainable projects integrating Metro-North stations. He directed over $100 million in capital improvements for Intermodal Centers (train, bus, ferry, etc.), and context-sensitive Parking and Station Access projects encompassing dozens of facilities and winning industry awards. 

He created the railroad’s Business Development Office where he and his talented team launched strategic P3/public-private partnerships competitively sourcing and negotiating benefits for the MTA including new assets and services such as wireless and fiber optics, digital advertising, sponsorships, privatizations and third-party-leveraged expedited project delivery. 

Mr. Fleischer’s work has been acknowledged nationally and internationally in the transportation industry, academic forums and the media.